3D Deplano Fusion Pad

The 3D Deplano fusion pad available in flat and 2 degree is a collaboration with Deplano HoofCare in Italy and 3D HoofCare combining the highest grade leather that will be on the hoof surface and the unique frog support design of the 3D pad. It can be used as a full pad or if needed cut the leather out around the synthetic material to create a half mesh. One of the benefits of this pad is that the leather will mold to the solar surface of the horses foot for the ultimate in comfort and support. Silicon impression, a pour in pad or any preferred hoof packing material can be used under this pad.

The following size chart can help you determine the appropriate hoof pad size for your horse.

Shipping costs vary depending on location. Below you will find a breakdown of the rates for different locations: 

North America: $8.00
Canada: $35.00
Rest of the World: $55.00

We accept returns on the basis that the product has not been used and is in the same condition that was sent to you. The cost of return shipping will not be covered.

$ 32.00 USD

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